Can You Control RGB Fans with Motherboard?

Installing RGB fans is one of the appropriate ways to make your gaming rig visually the best and perfect. However, if you do not have very clear instructions, connecting the RGB fans can be just tedious as all the colors in RGB fans need to be in sync. Failing to do so can create your setup very bad and also make it unattractive.

RGB Fans: What are they and How to control them?

RGB Fans - Can You Control RGB Fans with Motherboard?

Do you know that there are many fans available in the market and most of them are controlled by the motherboard? Yes, the motherboard controls the fans and if you use the wrong motherboard then you cannot control the fans.

If you want to learn the functions of the RGB fans then read this article because I am going to tell you about the RGB fans and how to control them.

What are RGB Fans?

What are RGB Fans?

If you want to use your system in a stylish way, then you need to use the RGB fans. These fans are available in different sizes and shapes, but what makes them special is that they are designed to look great.

RGB fans are basically a combination of two fans and one RGB controller, but what makes them special is that it is controlled by the motherboard and you can change the color of the fan, brightness, and speed of the fan.

Let us discuss the functions of RGB fans.

RGB Colors

RGB fans can be controlled by the motherboard. As I said before, you need to purchase an RGB fan and then you need to connect it to the motherboard. After connecting it to the motherboard, you need to download the software.

Once the software is installed, you can control the color of the fan. You will see three different colors in front of you, which are red, green, and blue.


There is a slider available for controlling the brightness of the fan. The slider is placed in the middle of the motherboard and you will find it in the left side of the screen.

The maximum brightness of the fan can be controlled up to 1000.


There is a setting button available for controlling the speed of the fan. You can adjust the speed of the fan according to your needs.

Do Motherboard Support RGB Fans?

Do Motherboard Support RGB Fans?

The answer to that query is mostly suitable for the type of RGB fan you buy. Usually, if you have already a motherboard but it has not a supportive RGB header then the fan can spin, but the RGB may not work.

Therefore, some fans come with the controller plugged into the Molex wire from the energy supply. This will provide power to the LED wire. This kind of fan does not need a separate RGB header. 

Connect the Fans to the Motherboard

Falling on the kinds of RGB fans, you can connect them accordingly

Static RGB Fans

Static RGB Fans

The name for suggestions, is Static RGB fans contain static RGB lights, displaying only one color at a time. Also, we should connect the static RGB fan is quite a difference as the end of its cable will not fit on any other of the motherboard headers. 

You will need an RGB hub/bus/controller with an RGB fan to connect it to the motherboard. Even though you can connect multiple fans to the controller, it will only show one color currently being asked.

Before any start-up here is a list of things that you require. All these things are included inside when buying an RGB fan.

  • RGB Controller
  • Power source cable
  • USB micro-splitter

Connect RGB to the Controller

Connect RGB to the Controller

First, you need to connect all the Static RGB fans to the controller with the fan. The controller will have 1, 2, and 3 written on the slots

The cable from the RGB fans is connected to slots. It is recommended that you fill up these numbered slots in ascending order.

Connect Controller to the Power Source

Once you put the RGB fans into the controller, connect this controller to a power source. You should connect one end of the power cable to the PSU (Power Supply Unit) itself and the other to the controller.

This wire can either be a 4-pin Molex cable or a SATA cable and will power both fans and  LED lights at the same time.

Connect the Controller to the Motherboard

Connect the Controller to the Motherboard

Finally, connected the RGB fans controller to the motherboard by using a USB micro-splitter.

  1. Connect one end of the USB micro-splitter to the USB 2.0 header in the motherboard.
  2. Put another end in the controller’s micro-USB port.
  3. The 2.0 header will have 9 pins that say USB/JUSB1/JUSB2 underpins. 
  4. Align the pin from the USB micro-splitter to the USB 2.0 header and put them smartly.
  5. After plugging all these in, it is now time to ON the system to verify if the fans spin and the lights turn ON.

The ARGB fans are designed in this way so that they can be connected in a daisy chain style. Daisy chain may allow you to connect one LED to any other, which allows you to be in sync.

Once everything is arranged properly,  you can use a switch or RGB controller software to arrange the system’s lighting effects.

LED Fans

For that who may not know, there is another fan type other than RGB. The LED fans only show one color, and therefore we cannot use any software to control it. Just like the LED strip, these fans do not need any RGB header on the motherboard. 

How can we Connect Multiple RGB Fans to the Motherboard?

Static RGB fans come with a Controller which you should control to connect multiple of its fans to only one header on the motherboard, searching them. 

Digital RGB or ARGB fans have two cables that you should connect to the motherboard. 

  • Cable to power FAN
  • Cable to power RGB

The cable power of RGB again has two endpoints

  • 3-pin male
  • 3-pin female 

Follow these mechanisms to connect multiple ARGB fans

  1. Connect 3-pin female to the motherboard
  2. Connect  3-pin male to  3-pin female connector from another ARGB fan.

We can arrange multiple ARGB fans in a daisy’s chain style by these two steps. 

Connect RGB Fans to  Non-RGB Motherboard:

You can fix an RGB fan to a non-RGB motherboard. But if you want to connect an ARGB fan to a non-RGB motherboard, it can be quite harmful. 

Since an ARGB fan needs its LED power connector to connect to a 3-pin 5V header, the manufacturer does not add up this header on a non-RGB motherboard.

Difference Between LED Fans, and RGB Fans:

Difference Between LED Fans, and RGB Fans

The LED fans have just a fixed color, which we cannot change. That’s why the RGB controlling application will not work on these fans. 

Different LED fans and RGB fans show three different colors, Red, Green, and blue. Although RGB fans are static, we can use the RGB control application to change their color. Therefore, we cannot change each LED light on RGB separately.

Which one is Better RGB or ARGB Light?

Regarding functionalities, ARGB has recognizable led lights, whereas static RGB does not. That’s why it alone lets PC builders support ARGB lights over Static RGB lights. However, RGB lights also have their own pros.

RGB lights need a controller that may control all your RGB lights on your system. Therefore, you do not need a third-party application to handle these lights. If you want to have a mechanical handle on your lights, RGB is the way to work.

We can add to the switch to control an ARGB very well,  but if we use a third-party application for ARGB lights it makes more perfect.

Difference Between RGB and ARGB 

To estimate which RGB type you are using, analyze the power cable that requires to be connected to the motherboard. You cannot estimate that it is a static RGB or ARGB only by looking at the connector end from the RGB strip cable. Although the end-point of both RGB and ARGB cables are looking the same, they will have a un similar number of wires. 

Conclusion – Can You Control RGB Fans with Motherboard?

RGB Fans are great because they can change colors to match the mood. They are also great because they can be controlled by an external source such as a computer or game console. However, the only way to control the fans’ color settings is through the motherboard’s BIOS. This is also true for other devices such as temperature and lighting.

  • Many people will tell you that the fans in your computer can’t be controlled by the motherboard and that it is impossible to change the speed or make the fans louder. This is not true. In this video, we are going to explain how to control RGB fans on your motherboard.
  • The fans on your motherboard can be controlled by three different types of hardware. First, you have the case fan. These fans will be located on the side of your computer case. These fans will be controlled by your case fans, and the speed can be changed in the BIOS. The second type of hardware you can control fans with is the power supply. Your motherboard will have fans that are attached to the power supply
  • But, can you use your motherboard’s BIOS settings to control your fans? Yes, you can, but it’s not easy. The steps outlined here may sound simple, but it takes a little research to figure out what you need to do.

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Do you need RGB motherboard for RGB fans?

No, it’s only for LED lights. RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. For example, if you have an RGB motherboard with RGB led lights, you can add RGB fans to turn the LED lights on the motherboard into the fans’ color.

Can you plug 3-pin RGB into 4-pin?

Yes, the 4-pin RGB has 2 sets of colors.

Can I control the color of RGB fans?

Yes, use these steps:

  • Point your mouse at the fan and click and hold the left mouse button.
  • Now move your mouse around the screen until you see a small, red arrow.
  • Keep moving your mouse until you see a small, white circle in the middle of the arrow.
  • Release the left mouse button and the fan should change colors.
  • You can also turn the fan off by clicking the mouse at the fan and holding it down.

How do I connect multiple RGB fans to my motherboard?

  • RGB Fans, like LEDs, are different colors of light depending on what color they are. Each color has a different meaning, so if you were using RGB LEDs, you would need 3 or more of them to represent the colors Red, Green, and Blue, which is the way it works.
  • So if you have 2 fans with RGB light strips on them, you would put one red one green and one blue.
  • Connect the red fan to pin 7 and the green one to pin 8, and the blue one to pin 9.
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