Why Does A Computer Need A Motherboard

The core piece of circuitry that all other connected components plug into to form a functional whole or the main printed circuit board in a computer. Why does a computer need a motherboard? The modern motherboards serve as the backbone of the computer, connecting all of its parts and enabling communication between them.  None of … Read more

How long does a motherboard last?

If you’re buying a motherboard for the first time, you probably have a lot of concerns about how long does motherboard last, how to extend or shorten it, and what kind of return on investment you can expect. Your motherboard is a bit like a pet, how you treat your board will dictate How long … Read more

Does Motherboard Matter For Gaming

A motherboard is simply a framework or communication path that connects and holds the various components of a PC together. it is the main part of your PC. without a motherboard PC is nothing. Many people think does motherboard matter for gaming. many of them thought it had little effect on a gaming computer. but … Read more

Can you plug hdmi into motherboard

One of the most popular types of connections for facilitating device communication is HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface). They are wide enough that some motherboards even contain them.  The motherboard can be viewed as the hardware component that facilitates communication with numerous other important systems in your computer.  The motherboard has various components, so it will … Read more

Does my motherboard have Bluetooth?

What if I told you that you might decide if your motherboard contains Bluetooth in just five minutes? During this article, I’ll answer Does my motherboard have Bluetooth? Moreover, as teach you how to search out if a motherboard has Bluetooth. On a simple note, most motherboards don’t have Bluetooth. The supply of Bluetooth during … Read more

How Long Does Asus Motherboard RMA Take

To continue with RMA (Return Materials Authorization) for out-of-guarantee repair services, a Diagnostic Fee must be paid earlier before your product reach the support center. The Diagnostic Fee is non-refundable and doesn’t cover the particular repair value. However, if you want to have an in-depth grip then you must know How long does Asus motherboard … Read more

Where to plug in fans on motherboard

In the computer world, there are many fans that require power to run. They are plugged into your motherboard. If you want to know where to plug in fans on Motherboard, then this article will answer all your questions. You can find these fans in two ways. Either you can buy them online or you … Read more