What Is AAFP On The Motherboard?

No game is completed without the proper sound effects, and if you want to enjoy the full benefits of sound effects, then you will need a motherboard to provide that. In-game sounds are very important for gameplay, especially in online gameplay, because you can tell the location of other players by hearing the sound of … Read more

How much does a motherboard cost

If you are looking to build a PC for gaming or video editing or upgrade your old PC to new standards, there is a list of things you need to change, and the motherboard is among the most important components you need to change. When it comes to motherboards, there are huge varieties of motherboards … Read more

What does a motherboard do in a computer

If you are considering building your PC (Personal computer) or planning to buy a new one, then there are some parameters that you need to consider. There are many components in the computer that you can buy according to your preferences and requirements, such as RAM (random-access memory), processor, graphics card, and motherboard. Each component … Read more

List of motherboards with built-in wireless?

A motherboard is a PCB(Printed Circuit Board) that controls all the components and devices attached to it. It has some slot connectors and some bridges with a heat sink. The CPU(Central Processing Unit), GPU (Graphics processing unit), RAM, storage, and other peripherals are connected to the motherboard to make a functional computer. All of these … Read more

15 Steps how to install a motherboard

how to install a motherboard

A motherboard is the chief computer circuit board and an advanced product. It talks to and facilitates communication between several of the crucial elements of the system — together with the hardware and memory. It additionally provides connections for peripherals. With your smartphone, notebook, and tablet, most computers these days can have a motherboard to … Read more

10 Different Types of Motherboards

Different Types of Motherboards

A Motherboard, called the brain of a PC, is a computer circuit board. It’s the one that’s chargeable for maintaining the stability of your ADPS. Wherever most of the principal elements of a pc are connected. A motherboard provides property and allows the communication between the computer hardware and every one different hardware element of … Read more

10 Parts Of Motherboard And Their Function

Parts Of Motherboard And Their Function

The motherboard is one of the most important components of the computer and knowing about the testing a motherboard is even more important. Some experts also name it the main printed circuit board (PCB), and the main function of the motherboard is to provide central connections between all the parts of the computer so that … Read more

How to connect extra fans to Motherboard

How to connect extra fans to Motherboard

Cooling is very important in our PCs, whether it is the choice of heat sink for CPU as well as various wing connectors or the choice of radiator pumping motors for liquid cooling. In any case, it is relevant to distinguish between the fan connector on the motherboard. In this article, we are discussing how … Read more

How to enable motherboard HDMI

How to enable motherboard HDMI

We discuss in this article How to enable motherboard HDMI. if you found it then read this article I decided to write a separate article that would explain in detail how to connect a TV to an ordinary stationary computer via HDMI cable. The topic is relevant and I am often asked about it. In … Read more