How Long Does Asus Motherboard RMA Take

To continue with RMA (Return Materials Authorization) for out-of-guarantee repair services, a Diagnostic Fee must be paid earlier before your product reach the support center. The Diagnostic Fee is non-refundable and doesn’t cover the particular repair value. However, if you want to have an in-depth grip then you must know How long does Asus motherboard RMA take?

We will say that ordinary RMA time is 15-20 days if you’re in the same country. Everything below fifteen days is extremely cool. Wonderful is once the manufacturer discovers drawback as shortly as potential to send data for your product exchange.

However, suppose your RMA(return merchandise authorization) is in a different country. Maybe it takes 20-30 days. In that case, once your product is delivered to the repair center and examined by a technician, they will contact you directly with a repair quotation via email to supply the ultimate value of repairs.

When the payment of your final repair quotation has been confirmed, the technician can proceed with repairs to your product. Here we discuss how long ASUS yet atx motherboard RMA takes in detail.

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How long will ASUS Take to RMA?

How long will ASUS Take to RMA?

How long an RMA takes is obsessed with your model. Thus, with a shortage of very less video cards straight away, RMA work time appears to be okay. Suppose we tend to possess declined model modification. We are unsure how long it’d have taken to urge the GPU(Graphics processing unit) fastened or replaced.

 The NVIDIA GeForce GTX(Giga Texel Shader eXtreme) may be a higher diversion graphics card than the AMD Radeon. Thus, we tend to be fine with the swap. It should be noted that the RMA expertise is different in each region, and people experience good service with ASUS in North America.

If you’ve got an ASUS product that has been unsuccessful below the guarantee, fill out the ASUS RMA Submittal form and contact the ASUS(Annual Support & Update Service) Support team. ASUS generally aims for a 7-8 day work time once a product is received. This may wasn’t the case with your product.

They also acknowledged that they’d take time to implement a replacement Estimate shut Date (ECD) system to create higher notifications and are operating to create updates to the instruction sheet.

ASUS Video Card RMA Expertise -How Long Does Asus Motherboard RMA Take

ASUS Video Card RMA Expertise

We recently had an ASUS ROG STRIX-RX480-8G-GAMING video card MSI(Microsoft Installer) drivers fail in the U.S.A. It didn’t widen during a fireside and smoke. Still, diversion one thing would go wrong, and therefore, the system would restart.

The gaming motherboard compatibility wasn’t a review sample. It was ne’er taken apart, and believe it or not. It saw daily reprimands during a cryptocurrency mine being forced to mine Ethereum. Here we tend to have a legit video card that died a natural death.

We tend to get busy with things and, at last, send the cardboard with FedEx Ground. We tend to enclose the ASUS North America RMA form that has to be crammed out and signed. We tend to place the RMA type on the shipping label on the shipping box with a permanent pen.

 It took seventeen days to listen to something from ASUS. Then on the afternoon of August eleventh, 2017, we get an e-mail from the ASUS support center U.S.A. We recognized a components shortage issue on the ASUS ROG STRIX-RX480-8G-GAMING. Therein e-mail, they offered the ASUS STRIX-GTX1080-A8G-GAMING video card if we’d settle for the model modification.

Does Asus give Notes from RMA Repair?

Does Asus give Notes from RMA Repair?

ASUS gives the client full details and updates them with time concerning the RMA. They do not solely send details throughout the procedure but also full notes after the repair. Once you encounter problems with ASUS devices, you must be compelled to do an ASUS assurance check serial variety search.

We describe a full orientation for the ASUS assurance and about how long Asus motherboard RMA takes and check serial variety search during this. ASUS devices carry a distinct assurance counting on the device, like several different devices. Per a survey, the ASUS motherboard ship assurance offers three years, and the keyboard and mouse have a 1-year guarantee. Therefore, the monitor has three years of a restricted guarantee.

If your device is inside the guarantee, you’ll be able to send it to its store for repair. So, examining if the device is below the guaranteed time when a defect happens is vital. However, many of us don’t have the shrewdness to examine the ASUS warranty serial type.

 You will also update the whole process with the time, and after the RMA, ASUS will send a full detail of the fault they repaired. This will make things easier for you to understand what they are charging you.

Why is the RMA process so long?

Why is the RMA process so long?

RMAs will take anyplace between weeks and months. It strictly depends on the manufacturer or retailer’s stock to ship back to you. There are many people on several forums waiting for 3years+ and most likely still waiting for a card, which is totally insane and totally against buyer rights.

Some corporations must be compelled to keep obtaining poked to urge any work done. Some manufacturers are smart at managing RMA,s and therefore, the service is fast. Wherever as some will take a mean of a month or 2.

However, expect thirty days to be usually quite cheap, particularly as retailers have their procedures to travel through. Either ship the faulty device back to the manufacturer or expect the manufacturer to try to do one before causation a contemporary or refurbed device back to you.

Much of your time is spent in things being shipped back and forth. Provide them 30 days, then evoke a standing report. Motherboard for ryzen 7 5800x RMA time interval might vary, counting on the product and the reason for the return. Usually, it takes 2-4 business days once the RMA has been received. We hope it solves your query related to does ASUS motherboard RMA take.


Suppose you tend to apply for RMA range from ASUS client support since the cardboard was beneath the 3-year guarantee amount. You’ll be able to follow our RMA journey. You tend to stuff out the RMA Submittal form with ASUS to allow them to recognize that you are having problems with your graphics card.

When doing this, you get an e-mail from the ASUS client Support Case range, knowing that you have to share the method step by contacting an ASUS representative through the phone or chat. Once ASUS received your graphics card, it took them 15-30 days to urge an operating card back to your country.

You may be interested in however long it took to urge a replacement card. That said, the RMA method with ASUS went pretty swish. Many people hear nothing from ASUS once they receive a card over time. It’d be nice to possess some correspondence throughout that point amount.

This article covers all detail related to how long ASUS motherboard RMA take. Different retailers also help you in fasting the process of RMA. However, they may also become a reason for your delay in the process of RMA.


How long does an RMA take to get back from ASUS?

It mainly depends on your location and the GPU model you operate. Normally it takes about 1 to 2 weeks for ASUS to send back the item after RMA. It would help if you took an update from your country’s ASUS support team about it.

How long does ASUS take to process?

Mainly ASUS takes about 15 to 20 days. However, less than 15 days are the best service you receive from the ASUS support team. This service varies from country to country, and the issue they find in your graphic card.

How much does ASUS RMA cost?

The upfront cost starts from 25 USD, while the minimum cost for the component is 45 USD. This will increase or decrease according to the issue ASUS technical team finds in your GPU.

Does ASUS do advanced RMA?

ASUS supports an advanced RMA in the best interest of its users. The advanced RMA easily fulfills each customer’s requirement and tries to solve their issue within a short period.

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