How to connect led strip to motherboard

If you like RGB lighting for your PC, chances are you’ve considered buying some LED strips to give it a wider and more personalized color. But the installation of these strips can be complicated because you do not know where to channel them and where to place them so that they look good, so here we are going to tell you How to connect led strip to Motherboard with a series of tips and tricks to make them perfect. And your computer looks great, worth the extravagance.

This may seem like an easy task, but installing LED strips on your computer is a science, so here we are going to give you a series of tips to make them look – sorry for the redundancy – Be the best you can be, and give your gearbox what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that installing them in the wrong or wrong places (depending on whether they are covered or not well placed) can have the opposite effect, and make your box look weird rather than aesthetically pleasing. And may look poor.

Well, here we have discussed the atx motherboard connection with led strips. However, now the question is, does only atx gets into the connection? Well, the answer to your query will be that apart from the atx, the motherboard for ryzen 9 3900x also has an ability to get attached to Led strips. Moreover, the motherboard for ryzen 7 3700x is another product with which the LED strips can get into the connectionHence, these strips can be connected with any of these motherboards. Isn’t it so exciting? Of course, it is. So without further delay, let’s get into the article and check how you can connect the led strips.

How to connect led strip to motherboard

Carefully plan where to install the LED strips – How to connect led strip to motherboard

Ideally, you should know in advance where and how you are going to install the LED strips. That way, you don’t have to spend a fortune on something you can’t afford later. If you can, sketch your box with the place where you are going to insert the strips, so that once installed you can easily adjust the effects that you are going to put on it.

If you are lucky enough to specialize in a CAD-CAM design program that allows you to mimic the movement of light in a box, this would be ideal, as you will be able to mimic the LED. How will the strips be distributed and how will the lights be? Affects the environment. For this, we recommend a 3D design program that supports ray tracing. Don’t worry, you won’t need a graphics card that supports it, but you’ll need to be patient with the rendering process.

The light is shown on the LED display

In general, if you are going to put LED strips in the case of your PC, the reason is that you want the lighting to be visible from the outside, and that means at least one in the case. There will be a transparent window (either plastic or plain tempered glass) on the side. As a general rule, the edges of these windows usually have opaque sections which help us to hide the strips at first glance, because the best secret about their good looks is that they are not visible directly.

The same is true with the metal edges of the box, they can be used to hide the strips from the naked eye, but then when they are turned on at the same time they will act as a light bulb. And, in some cases, even increasing its focus.

Therefore, it is best to place them in specific places in the box so that they can illuminate it without the observer seeing the LED strips. Because our interest is the effect of its light, not our own. Which can break the aesthetic tonic of our system.

It is ideal to plan the distribution of light in the box to achieve the best possible lighting effect. And we are not saying that good distribution and good positioning of LED strips can give the same results as day and night using the same components.

Be careful with the dimensions

The first thing you need to look at before buying LED strips for your PC is your box and the dimensions of both. If you buy very long LED strips you will have to cut them and this may mean that you will not be able to attach them to each other (depending on the model), or if you buy them too short, they may not fit.

The ideal is to measure the inner dimensions of the box and get some strips of appropriate length, and for this, it is advisable that you follow the previous step of the letter: plan ahead to Where and how to install We also recommend looking for the manufacturer’s documentation for the case and other components such as the motherboard. Where can you find their official explanations? In any case, we recommend that you measure the box and keep these measurements in mind when designing your own.

Beware of routing cables – How to connect led strip to motherboard

The last step, which goes into planning and design, is to be careful where we run the cables. Finally, we need to connect the strips to either the controller, such as Corsair’s Lighting Node Pro, or the RGB headers on the Motherboard so that they can work and we can configure them. If at the time of selection you can find some strips that can be connected to each other in daisy chain mode, you will save space and headaches when it comes to channeling cables.


Our suggestion is that regardless of whether or not you are going to install LED strips, you should learn How to connect led strip to Motherboard as it can help you in near future as well. Make sure that you arrange the inside of your PC case in such a way that the cables are in place and organized without disturbing or interrupting each other. I am Also, a good outfit is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it is also very easy to clean inside the box. In addition, the position of the wiring can affect how RGB lighting is distributed throughout the setup.

These are just some of the tips we can give you, and from there it depends on your judgment and the ability to make the box stunning with the additional RGB lighting provided by this type of product, as opposed to the light that fans or others I merge. Hardware devices, LED strips not only give us more freedom of installation but also give us more universal and wide lighting so that the whole ecosystem is uniform.


Can I connect LED Strip to the motherboard?

Yes, you can easily connect the led strip to the motherboard. The steps for connection are so straightforward and can be done just by using the appropriate connector and the voltage supplier. 

How do I connect LED strip lights to my computer?

You can connect the LED strips to your pc with the help of the lighting kit. The lighting kit has the control box, and the four major led strips can be mounted with your computer.

Can I plug LEDs into my PC?

Yes, you can easily plug the LEDs into the Pc using magnetic strips. Moreover, you can also use the adhesive peel-off strips

Where do RGB strips plug into the motherboard?

Well, it’s an interesting question. So, the RGB strips mostly connect and plugs with the USB header of the motherboard-which assists in controlling power and software.  

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