How to ship a motherboard

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The motherboard is a very delicate thing. Despite its strong size, the reality is quite different. There are some parts inside our computer case which, if not properly protected and loosened, can wreak havoc on the inside. And these butcher shops are usually very expensive for consumers. Therefore, in this article, we are going to look at the right way to pack and transport a motherboard. Either by yourself or through a transport company. Shipping motherboards is so important as people ask for the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 5800x and Ryzen 9 3800x.

True, motherboards are not designed to move from one place to another. In this case, wheeled trays are usually sold which can make the process much easier. However, in this case, we are talking about moving them inside our house. Or from an office. But, when it comes to long journeys, things change. Because, in these cases, transportation is subject to many conditions that are beyond the control of the user. After the safe shipment, you must ask how to enable the motherboard.

So, when LANs go to a party, or send an assembled team to someone else, all we have to do is try to minimize the risks posed by this transport. Especially if the transport is to be carried out by a third party who should not be of such interest to us that the system reaches its destination safely. Special mention to parcel companies, who treat our shipments of ryzen 3900x the way they treat them.

Difficult components when transporting to our Motherboard

The components of our computer that cause the most problems are:

Processor heat sink. Especially if it is a particularly large and / or heavy model. These models usually apply a large torque to the base plate. Therefore, they can damage it or even start the processor socket itself.

Graphics card Because modern graphics cards are usually quite heavy and their anchoring system is usually two simple patches for the PC case, if the equipment falls from a certain height, the graphics card can rip the data slot from where It’s connected. It can also damage the motherboard and its PCIe connector.

Hard drive We all know that hard drives can have very bad effects. This makes it a priority to be able to carry them safely, so when we can, we should ideally carry them out of the tower and safely.

The best packaging material for motherboards

The motherboard contains important computer processing components. This is usually the single most delicate (and valuable) piece of hardware in the system. The task of packing a separate plate is delicate. If the package is to be shipped by a third party, you must assume that it will be handled by machine, dropped, placed in front of the elements, or with it at some point during its journey. Will be abused The risk of damage is very high unless the best packaging material is used properly.

There are three components to successfully packing any delicate electronic device: cushioning, boxing and sealing.


If the board is manufactured and retailed as a separate component, and the original packaging is still available, it is always the best “first layer” of packaging. If the motherboard was removed from the computer and / or the original packaging is not available, you must first wrap and cushion the components.

Wrap or close the base plate completely using polyethylene plastic and duct tape. You can also use a thick zipper lock type battery bag. This will protect the component from loose particles and dust, as well as from moisture in case of rain or snow.

Seals’ hunt

Close and seal the outside of the box with at least 2 to 3 strips of 2 inch wide clear pressure sensitive packing tape. Tap all the joints and wings above and below the box.

It is also advisable to attach the address and phone number of the recipient inside the outer box before sealing an additional label or business card with your address and phone number.


If you are using the original manufacturer’s packaging, and it is a solid cardboard or plastic construction, an outer carton is usually sufficient. If you have used bubble wrap or foam as cushioning, you should use two boxes (box to box).

The inner box can be any simple cardboard construction that completely encloses the base plate and cushioning. The base plate should rest firmly inside the inner box; It should not be loose or shaken with the box. If the box is too large, wrap the extra bubble around the base plate until it comes down safely.

The right way to transfer to Motherboard

The best way to transport our PC is not to do it in the most practical way. In fact, the best way to do this is to separate the different components. Of these, only the ones we have just mentioned are the most disturbing.

This means that, for electronic components such as graphics cards and hard drives, we should have antistatic bags to store them. Luckily for us, we will still have the origin of both types of ingredients, but if not, you have to find them online and ask them for favors.

Once we wrap the two ingredients in their respective bags, we need to pad them with bubble wrap. In this way, we will make sure that they are not damaged during transportation. And with that comes the heat sink and its fans. However, if you have an AIO type liquid cooler, you do not need to disassemble it, as, as it is safe in the box itself, it is less likely to loosen from the patch.

Practical way to move a motherboard

When stores ship assembled computers, they do not ship with separate components. No, instead they usually line the entire interior of the case with an anti-static bubble wrap or, in recent days, a kind of non-toxic foam that literally molds itself inside the PC, making all Ingredients perfectly safe. The problem with this foam is that it gets stronger and sometimes it is very difficult to remove it without breaking anything, so be very careful with it.

The important thing is that by inserting a bubble wrap between the ingredients, they cannot get inside. As you can see from the previous picture, another type of semi-rigid foam packaging can also be used, which helps to keep the ingredients in place.

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Conclusion: How to ship a motherboard

It is especially important to fill the space between the heat sink and the graphics card and from the graphics card to the bottom of the case. As we have said before, the important thing is that the components do not get inside during transportation.

The material must be rigid enough to prevent movement, yet it must be flexible enough not to force the components into position. This is important because if the PC gets hit too hard, we can damage the components.

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