Where to plug in fans on motherboard

In the computer world, there are many fans that require power to run. They are plugged into your motherboard. If you want to know where to plug in fans on Motherboard, then this article will answer all your questions.

You can find these fans in two ways. Either you can buy them online or you can get them as part of your motherboard. There are different types of fans, and you will find that some require a lot of power while others use very little. Therefore, you need to make sure that you know how much supply you are giving to the fans.

You can check out the power requirements of the fans in the documentation of your motherboard. You can also find out by looking at the specifications of the motherboard itself.

Where to plug in fans on motherboard

Where to plug in fans on motherboard

The motherboard is the central body of the computer. It controls all the activities of the computer, like a brain. It is a necessary part of computers. It is mainly available on desktops and laptops. You can say it is the backbone of a desktop that relates other parts with each other. Other small circuit boards plug into the motherboard. there are also some parts of the motherboard that regulate activities.

There are many connections on it where you can plug different devices. There is some motherboard fan header for connection of CPU(Central Processing Unit) fans. Fan connections are used extensively for cooling purposes and expelling hot air out. So here in this article, I will discuss in detail where to plug in fans on the motherboard. So keep in touch with us if you want to get information about CPU(Central Processing Unit) fans.

In some cases, having more exhaust fans than intake fans can help improve airflow and generate more power.

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What is a motherboard fan connector?

What is a motherboard fan connector?

As the name suggests a connection is used to connect a CPU fan to the motherboard or other devices. CPU fan header present on the motherboard. it consists of three to four pins to which the fan cable connects.

You can connect multiple fans with fan headers. It is a product of Molex kk connectors. This company produces many other products for the motherboard. Nowadays when we talk about this Molex we use system fan headers and CPU fan headers.

Working on motherboard fan headers

Working on motherboard fan headers

It is used for the purpose of power delivery. It delivers supply to the fans for proper cooling function. System fan headers are of two types: one is three pin header and the other is four pin header.

The three-pin header has three types of wires on the inner side usually they come in different colors and styles depending on the company and its use but mortally it present in black, red, and yellow colors. The black wire connected to most fans provides a grounding, while the red wire supplies power. The yellow wire provides a reading of the fan’s speed.

It is possible to control power on and off extremely quickly with pulse width Modulation via a four-pin motherboard’s fan connector. There are four square holes on the front of a four-pin PWM(Pulse width modulation) fan connector, and four wires enter the connector from the back. The PWM can be achieved by connecting a four-pin connector to the motherboards.

Errors in the fan header on the motherboards

Sometimes you don’t connect any fan to the computer in this case your pc will not work correctly and show some types of errors which means you should connect the fan even if you connect the liquid cooler.

So for the control temperature system, you need to connect fans with the PC. Sometimes these errors may occur when your system needs an upgrade. In this case, you should upgrade your motherboard.

Where to connect all fans on the fan header

Where to connect all fans on the fan header

As I told you already there are headers on most motherboards. fan connected to the system has a specific place. These are three-pin and four-pin headers. there are usually 3 to 4 fan headers. These provide power to fans. you can plug three pins connector into four pins header there is no issue with it.

The main difference is just in quantity of power strength. But the best is to connect it in its right fan headers. you can connect multiple fans with fan headers for the best control cooling system.

Fans do speedy work with new models of motherboards. To check the modal open the command prompt and type in baseboard and press enter. After this, all information will come in front of you. If your motherboard has the latest model then you are the luckiest.

How many fans are connected to the motherboard’s manual

Most people think that only one fan is enough for a PC. Do you really think one fan is enough? the answer is no if you want that your pc control all activities properly and have maximum speed then you need to connect more than one fan.

Fan type is one important thing that determines the number of fans connected. If you connect extra fans to the motherboard it will give you huge benefits.

Is 4 pin header better than 3 pin header or not

4-pin vs 4-pin

There is a slight difference between 4 pin header and three pins header of speed. you will get the high speed of your fan with 4 pins header as compared to 3 pins fan header.

A 4 pins header provides a high power supply which provides a more effective cooling system. 3 pins header is also a good fan header the difference is just its low power supply as compared to 4 pin header.

Can I Plug a 3-Pin Fan Into a 4-Pin?

Suppose you have a 3-pin fan connector but the fan header in your motherboard is 4 pins fan header and now you get worried about what to do. So don’t worry you can connect 3 pins fan to 4 pins header easily there will be no issue with it.

How to plug a 3 pins fan into a 4 pin

The method is very simple. you can do it in a very easy and simple way. so let’s start:

  • First, you have to pick the fan connectors.
  • Now find the fan headers
  • When you find the fan header then you need to find the accurate place where you can plug fan connectors easily.
  • At last, you just need to connect the 3-pin into 4 pin fan header.
  • Connect it carefully because one pin is not connected with the fan header.

PC case fans

PC case fans

it is a type of fan that connects to the motherboards with the help of connectors into a fan header inside the motherboards.

It blows hot air outside so that system remains under control.

The fan speed can be changed as needed and is typically temperature controlled. A case fan, sometimes known as a system fan, is a component of a computer that is attached to the front or rear of the device’s chassis. Case fans aid in cooling down and expelling heated air from the case.

How many case fans are required

As you increase the number of case fans the efficiency will definitely be increased. But usually, two fans are enough. Two fans drop a maximum temperature of 2 to 3 degrees that is enough.

Any additional fans really provide any extra advantages. a good airflow from the case fans benefits the GPU and CPU’s own fans, so keep that in mind. In the case of a gaming pc where you need high power, you can connect six fans. Remember that it is an optional case and not necessarily needed.

How to Install PC Case Fans

Install PC Case Fans
  • First, you have to find the fan slots and open it
  • Place the fan with one hand so that screw holes line up with the holes in the case and that it faces the desired direction.
  • It is now time to connect the cord with the fan in position.
  • Simply attach the cable to 4 pin on your motherboard’s system fan header or on your fan hubs.

Plug Your Case Fans into the Power Supply Unit

You should check the PSU model that your PC has before plugging in. There are two types of models generally for connecting case fans to P.S.U.

  • MOLEX connector with four pins
  • MOLEX connector with three pin
  • Remember that not all P.S.U or fans are shipped with the connector. but the majority have connectors.
  • With a connector, you can immediately connect your fan to the P.S.U.

Number of fans for a gaming motherboard

  • Several factors will determine how many fans you need to install on your gaming PC and where they should be placed.
  • For the majority of a gaming PC build, you should have a minimum of two fans connected
  • For high-end systems with potent gaming, CPUs make that 3 fans connected.
Number of fans for gaming motherboard

How to install extra case fans

  • You can install your extra fan header in two ways
  • By a Y fan splitters
  • With the utilization of a PC fan hub

Via Y splitter

The simplest and the least expensive way to connect additional fans is with a fan header splitter. the maximum number of fans that can be connected via a splitter depended on both the motherboard header’s and the fans’ amperage.

The setup is quite simple. the motherboard fan’s headers receive the splitter’s female end. The case fans are attached to the male ends of the splitter.

Using fan hubs

Using fan hubs

If you are worried about the power drawn issue then this is for you. you can connect extra fans without losing power.

Using a fan hub you can connect more fans without worrying about overloading the fan header.

Setting up fan hubs

Setting up extra fan hub

Fan hubs (fan splitters) setup is really simple. One 3 or 4-pin connection from the header on the motherboard to fan hubs and one SATA

Additionally, the Fan Hub’s setup is really simple. One 3 or 4-pins connection from the motherboard header to the Fan hub and one SATA connector from the PSU are needed.

How And Where To Plug In All Your Fans

How And Where To Plug In All Your Fans

If you have a pc and you are worried because your PC has a heat issue. now you want to connect extra fans but you don’t know where to plug in fans then don’t worry.

In short, you have to plug a fan with three pins and a four-pins fan header. But before plugging in double-check to confirm that you make the right connections. you can enhance the CPU cooler system with the help of fans.

How to connect internal system cables

How to connect internal system cables

After installing your motherboard with the PC and also connecting other components you need to set up the internal system of your motherboard. Now it’s time to connect all wires with the system this is a very vital step a little mistake can stop your power source.

Process for connecting cables

  • As this is a very critical step. here are some steps which help you in connecting cables.
  • Connect the Power Button Switch Wires
  • Connect the Reset Switch Wires
  • Connecting the Power and HDD LEDs
  • Now make sure that your PC is fully connected. If it is not working properly then you should check until it is not fully connected.

How to Connect RGB Fans to Motherboard

How to Connect RGB Fans to Motherboard
  • Connect fans to maintain the full speed of your PC(personal computer).
  • Addressable RGB (red-green-blue) plays an important role to maintain your cooling system.
  • There is a very simple and easy way to connect RGB fans.
  • RGB is the led fan that also looks beautiful as well as maintains temperature.
  • first, you find the addressable RGB headers on the motherboard.
  • The next step is to place the fans power cable on the system fans header
  • In this way, you can adjust addressable RGB fans.


The motherboard is the main component of a PC. without this, a pc can not run. there are many fan connections to maintain the cooling system and temperature of the pc.

If we do not plug the fans with the CPU our computer will become very hot which will not work perfectly. On the motherboard three pin and four-pins headers are present.

In both these headers, you can connect the fan. These fans are of many types like sys fan, case fan, exhaust fan, intake fan, RGB fans, etc. The purpose of all these fans is to generate cooling which lows the temperature of the system.

  • When using multiple fans it’s important to plug them into the right places. The motherboard is full of holes and there are four different positions where fans can be plugged in, so you need to find the right position. The fan plugs should match the connector pins.
  • All fans have the same power supply so they should be powered from the same port.
  • The most important thing is that you place the fan at the bottom of the case and close the air vents at the back of the case, as the air gets sucked out through the back of the case. This is why it’s very important to have your fans at the bottom of the case.


Do you plug fans into the motherboard?

yes, we plug fans into the motherboard. there is a specific place for inserting fans on motherboards. there are many types of fans like chassis fans and RGB fans. Inside the motherboard, there is many fan headers where you can Plug fans.

Can you plug in a fan anywhere on the motherboard?

No, you can not plug a fan anywhere on the motherboard. at some points in the motherboard fan headers are present you have to connect your fan with these fan headers. There are also some USB headers.

Where do 3-pin fans plug into the motherboard?

On the motherboard, there are 3-pin fan headers where you can plug it. if your pc has 4 pins instead of 3 pin. you also can connect it directly in 4 pins header without using any additional pins. 3 pins header is still used to change the temperature.

What is the sys fan on the motherboard?

Sys fan (system fan) also known as chassis fan or chassis header, is used to connect case fans. It is capable of controlling voltage, speed, and monitoring. every system has at least a few of these headers for powering uncritical situations.

Where to plug in case fans?

In general, it is a big problem for pc builders and users because a little mistake can damage your PC. so, you need to be more careful.

Case fans can be installed directly into the 3 or 4-pins headers, and if your case fans have PWM connectors you will need to install them into the 4-pins headers on your motherboard.

How to connect 3 to 4 pin Molex

Direct connections between the fans and the power supply unit are made via Molex connectors. The male part of the Molex of 4 pins is attached with 3 pins female connector. To supply power you can connect female Molex to male.

How to connect Molex fans to motherboard

Connect the Molex connector of the fan to the computer’s power supply. sometimes both male and female Molex connectors are used. Female connectors slide over larger male connectors. A fan with two types of connectors only needs to be connected to the power supply via one of them.

How do connect case fans to power the supply?

  • Here we will discuss some points for connection of case fans to the power supply unit
  • Find the place where you want to install
  • Find the fan’s front and backside. always put it inside so that it expells heat out.
  • Attachment
  • connect all the cable
  • Ensure that the cable wires lace outside the PSU case
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