Which RAM Slots to use for fast speed

Do you know which ram slots to use for fast speed? Memory slots, or memory banks (memory slots), are connectors for the computer’s central memory, i.e. RAM (random access memory). Many people also ask how to clear ram on the iPhone to achieve maximum speed. Next, we are going to give a brief description of the types of memory slots that we can find on the motherboard. This is as important as changing ram speed on Bios and the ram frequency.

DIMM memory slots

The 13.3 cm long DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) memory slots are the most common. The modules are mounted in them for the base plate.

The following are the types of DIMM slots:

  • 168 pin DIMM slot, for SDRAM memories.
  • 184 pin DIMM slot, for DDR memory.
  • 240 pin DIMM slot, for DDR2 or DDR3 memory.
  • 288 pin for DIMM slot, DDR4 or DDR5 memory.

In addition to the number of contacts, the slots have a plastic bridge in the contact area that is at different positions in each type of slot, thus avoiding confusion when inserting a type of RAM memory into a slot memory. You must check this to find which ram is compatible with your motherboard.

RIMM memory slots

RIMM (Rambus In-line Memory Module) Memory slots are made by Rambus company for their memory modules and are supported by Intel. The company requires manufacturers to pay a fee for use, so they are not overused, as manufacturers prefer to make motherboards at a lower cost. The modules are mounted in them for the base plate.

SIMM memory slots

SIMM (single inline memory module) memory slots are obsolete, they were the first memory slots to appear on motherboards. They are much smaller than the existing slots, and as a feature we can say that the memory modules are inserted at 45º angles and lifted until they stand on the slot and through the side clips. Get caught

SO-DIMM memory slots

SO-DIMM (Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module) Memory Slots is a smaller version of DIMM slots, designed for small devices such as laptops, printers, NAS, embedded, etc. They are inserted into the motherboard at a 45 degree angle, but unlike the DIMM slots, the memory modules are parallel to the motherboard.

Micro DIMM memory slots

The MicroDIMM (Micro Dual Inline Memory Module) memory slots is an even smaller version of the DIMM slots, smaller than the SO-DIMM slots, and it can be used on small devices such as laptops, printers, NAS, embedded. Etc. are also designed for. They are inserted into the motherboard at a 45 degree angle, but unlike the DIMM slots, the memory modules are parallel to the motherboard.

Do you know why RAM card memory slots are colorful?

Have you ever wondered why some RAM memory slots on motherboards have different colors? Is there a reason or a logic? Some come in the same color with each other and some colors come together.
HowToGeek Professionals has answered these questions thanks to its forum users. Suppose the motherboard has four RAM slots, two glued on one side and two glued on the other. Colors can be classified as follows (using random colors):

The first slot is green, the second too. Then the third is orange and the fourth is also orange.

Another different arrangement is that the first slot is yellow and the second is blue, while the third is yellow and the fourth is blue.
It will depend entirely on how they are configured by the manufacturer.

Why this arrangement?

Colors are a guide to find out if these slots use a dual channel or dual-channel technology. This will increase the performance of the computer and memory as access to two modules at the same time. Therefore, we will always install one pair of the same memory in the same color and then install another pair in the remaining color.

Following the example of the above two settings with yellow and blue, place identical pairs of memories where yellow or where blue depending on the case. Avoid installing one in yellow and the other in purple, always the same color.

If instead of having 4 slots, our board adds 6 slots, the sequence will be 3 of one color and three of another color, or between each other.

RAM memory slots: 3 green and 3 orange

If the motherboard you are working with does not have these colors, the reason is that it is probably an older model, and in this case, you have two options: either install the memories as That you think they are the best and see if they work well or on the motherboard manual that will show us how to place the cards.

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